Making an Impression on your Jacksonville nieghbors with Digger Specialties Inc

dsi-colum-jacksonvilleImpact, reaction, result…these are all responses to making an impression. Stone, brick, vinyl…these are all ways to make an impression. Color, texture, design…these are all person choices to make an impression.

Whether you already know the style of columns you want for your Jacksonville home or you are just beginning your search, we invite you to view our gallery of column options to help you make an impression. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The company name, Digger Specialties, says a lot. First, Digger, the name of the company president is right up front. You can be sure that with his name on every product he expects Digger Employees to follow the Golden Rule, keep their Promise, and do things right. Digger Specialties are fabrication specialists. They not only manufacture complete product systems, they can customize just about any fence, or railing project you may want for your Jacksonville Home.

Our company logo also represents our adherence to several important business values and practices:

D: Digger Specialties are Dynamic

Digger Specialties Inc are constantly improving the ways we manufacture, package, and deliver Digger Specialties products so they continually raise the standard of “highest quality products”. Digger Specialty Products actively seek better ways to service our customers so that we help them meet the changing needs for better and different maintenance-free outdoor products.

S: Digger Specialties Inc offers Solutions

Digger Specialties Inc can-do attitude and Digger Specialties Inc “customer first” focus means we work hard at solving customers’ problems. From providing on-site training to detailed technical support, Digger Specialties are eager to see our customers succeed.

I: Industry leader in Innovation

New ideas are the key to growth in this industry. From concept through design, to production, Digger Specialties takes pride in being able to bring innovative products quickly to the marketplace.

Call VisionAire of Jax at 904.861.1992 to learn more about the Columns. We can also help detailed information about available colors and products.