Here are 5 main benefits of having a Pool Enclosure buily in your back yard. Perhaps the beest one is it’s Florida Law to have a Fence or Screen around your pool. Why not keep the bugs out if you have to spend the money anyway?!

Pool Enclosure in Jacksonville Florida

  1. Keep unwanted debris out – A pool enclosure will keep leaves, pesky bugs, rodents, snakes and other debris out of your pool, meaning less maintenance time for you.
  2. Reduce evaporation – Evaporation will be reduced from your pool with the addition of a quality pool enclosure.
  3. Reduce ultraviolet rays – Ultraviolet rays are a big health concern these days, and a pool enclosure will help you control your exposure. In addition, pool chemicals can deteriorate with prolonged exposure to these rays, but an enclosure will help prevent this from happening.
  4. Reduce furniture fading – Excessive exposure to ultraviolet can cause premature weathering of your outdoor furniture, but an enclosure helps to prevent these harmful rays from reaching your furniture
  5. Safe play area – Create a safe play area for children and provide security from unauthorized entry.
  6. Increase value – Your property can increase in value with the addition of an economical pool enclosure.